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Our technologies improve water management by simplifying the process and minimizing labor.  Using telemetry, data, and remote control, we put water management at your fingertips.  The inspiration for EasyRisers and AutoRisers came from our rice farming operation in the Mississippi Delta where precision water control was needed and the only technology available was the outdated and unreliable flashboard riser.  These new risers are the first and only alternatives to the old flashboard risers that so many managers still struggle with on a regular basis.  Instead of troubling with boards, the EasyRiser is controlled by standing on the levee and manually turning a crank handle, so there is no longer any need to enter the water.  The AutoRiser is controlled remotely by smartphone, and gives you mobile access to gate controls, on demand photos, and detailed data.  Precision water management requires precision technology, and our


new risers provide more control than any other gate in the world.  The unique rotary bucket design creates settling pond characteristics for any body of water being managed, and ensures that water can only be released from the surface.  This alone creates major environmental benefits, and there are many more features that make our EasyRisers and AutoRisers the best water control gates out there.   


The AutoValve is the first ever retrofitted automation kit for an alfalfa valve or "red top".  It fits 10" and 12" universal hydrants and gives you the ability to open and close your valves remotely.  Combined with an automated well and AutoRiser, these technologies are capable of working together to perform a fully remote-controlled irrigation event.  

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We are fifth generation Mississippi farmers with a passion for improving land and water management through technology.  Our mission is to reduce the workload associated with quality water management while improving environmental and economic results.  We believe that automation and telemetry open up a whole new world of management options for better farming, wildlife habitat, conservation, and much more.  We are excited to be a part of that. 


Interested in learning more about our products? Contact us! We will be glad to provide brochures, technical information and contact information for your local exclusive Autoflow distributor.  All of our products are 100% made in the USA.