The AutoRiser features an innovative rotary weir design, and can be fully controlled with the push of a button on your smartphone or computer.  Our new riser technology creates precision water management options that have never existed before.  With the AutoRiser it is now possible to program flood and dewatering events in advance or real time, manage water levels remotely, review collected data and photos, and monitor field conditions--all from the convenience of the Autoflow app.  Fully automated modes are also available which require no management or user input.  The AutoRiser will impound water, allow contaminants to settle to the bottom, then release the cleanest surface water -- all without direct management. 

The AutoRiser's unique design creates major environmental benefits by impounding water and releasing only from the surface.  This ensures that only the cleanest surface water is being released while most sediments and contaminants are kept on site. 


The AutoRiser comes in a standard height of 30" and can be attached to drain pipes up to 24" in diameter.  For those who need to set a custom maximum water level, we offer 4" and 12" spacers which bolt on the top of any standard unit.  For customers who started out with the EasyRiser, upgrading to the AutoRiser is simple.  With the gate already installed on your pipe, all you need to do is bolt on the Automation Conversion Kit and


turn it on!  NRCS financial assistance may be available in your area.  For more information please contact us