When installing a new EasyRiser or AutoRiser, it is important to plan your riser height according to the height of your levee and the depth of water you plan to hold. 


Your maximum riser height is determined by the height of your levee.  You want to make sure you have at least 12 inches of levee above your maximum riser height in order to facilitate any surge flooding without overtopping your levee.  

Next, you want to be sure that your control box is at least 6-12 inches above the top of the levee so that in the event of a flood your electronics will still be high and dry.  If your AutoRiser is installed in a location that may go completely underwater regardless of the control box height, we recommend removing the electronics kit in advance.  You'll be left with an EasyRiser that can stay underwater indefinitely without harm, and the electronics kit is easily reinstalled.  

EasyRisers and AutoRisers have a standard maximum riser height of 30 inches and we sell 4 and 12 inch spacers to allow you to increase your maximum riser height up to as much as 72 inches.  

Planning your Riser Height