The EasyRiser is a simpler and more reliable way to control water in agricultural fields, wildlife management areas, settlement basins and much more.  Like its predecessor, the traditional wood board flashboard riser, the EasyRiser's two most basic functions are to control water depth and to release water only from the surface.  But that is where the comparison stops.  The EasyRiser is robust, reliable, and easy to use. Made of solid, powder-coated steel and controlled by a hand winch, this water control gate is made to last. 

No need to wade into the water and cut boards ever again! The rotating bucket provides a precise and simple way to manage water levels.  The EasyRiser has a standard maximum height of 30".  For those who need to set a custom maximum water level, we offer 4" and 12" spacers which bolt on the top of any standard unit.  In the image to the right you will see three 4" spacers added to this EasyRiser.  Upgrading from an EasyRiser to an AutoRiser is simple, just bolt on the Automation Conversion Kit and turn it on! 

NRCS financial assistance may be available in your area.  For ordering information please contact us!