Flood Irrigation

Rice, cranberries, pastures, trees and more require flood irrigation to thrive.  The AutoRiser is made for this job.  With water level sensors, gate position sensors, date and time, and an internet weather look-up feature, the AutoRiser is in a position to manage water in flood irrigated crops in a way that has never before been possible.  Have you ever caught a 5” rain on a new 4” rice crop and worried that the submerged plants would be damaged before the water made it out of the field?  AutoRisers know when the water level is higher than the gate position and can be automated to open up to facilitate drainage, and then return to their original position in time to recapture the original water level--all without user input.  That means much less driving around the place in the rain cutting boards and then replacing them days later only to have to pump back up to get the water levels right again.  Flood irrigation crops require greater management.  We make that easy. 


Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) rice produced in compliance with carbon trade credit requirements is another area where the our products can help.  Besides managing the water needed to grow the crop, both the AutoRiser and the EasyRiser provide the compliance data regarding water management that the carbon credit issuers require.  No more taking photos in the fields.  Our products record all necessary compliance data automatically.