Row Irrigation

Traditional row water irrigation has come a long way in recent years.  NRCS programs such as PHAUCET and Pipe Planner have greatly improved water efficiency and reduced energy use while helping to increase yields.  The AutoRiser takes these improvements and automates them, while also opening up new irrigation management options.  One of our earliest objectives was to move irrigation management out of the hands of hourly laborers and into the hands of the general manager, while providing irrigation experts with a way to participate in irrigation management on your farm from anywhere with an internet connection.  Telemetry and remote accessed data opens up the possibility of new irrigation techniques being implemented on your farm by the people who know the most and can, with your permission, monitor your irrigation needs and make suggestions.


In summary, our products:

o   Save time and money

o   Save water and the energy required to pump water

o   Improve yields through better water management

o   Improve downstream water quality

o   Move irrigation management out of the hands of hourly laborers