Subsurface Irrigation

Subsurface irrigation and drainage systems require management of water levels and the release of water in order to fulfill their two objectives of improving yields through irrigation and improving water quality through careful release of excess water.    


Seasonally, the requirements in this style of irrigation change.  Whereas in the early stages of a plant’s growth it may be desirable to bring water levels relatively close to the surface, by late season it is often the case that water levels are managed much further down into the mature plant’s root zone.  From the time a plant emerges the dates for these irrigation management changes is known.  The AutoRiser can be preprogrammed to manage subsurface irrigation levels automatically and only notify the manager when a change occurs.


Release of excess field water through tile drains must be carefully managed to avoid the release of nutrients and other contaminants downstream.  Like all irrigation release practices, this is still done manually.  The two primary functions of our products--regulating water depth and releasing water over the top--allow them to duplicate what traditional wood board flashboard risers were meant to accomplish, but they do so with ease and efficiency.  Using our products, water release through tile irrigation can be done efficiently, and in such a way that contaminants are given enough time to settle before water is released.