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Water Management
Like Never Before

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What We Offer

At Autoflow, we specialize in designing and manufacturing integrated water management solutions. We provide in-house metal design and production as well as a full range of control software options, all backed with service and support to ensure headache free operation.  

With a 10+ year proven history and hundreds of customer-driven products in the field we make complex product development straight-forward and affordable. 

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  • Hardware Options to fit any Installation Environment

  • Control Software Designed to Project Requirements

  • Complete Range of Sensors, Cameras and Online Data

  • 100% USA Designed, Built and Supported


Versatile Software, Robust Hardware. 

Autoflow’s water management solutions use continuous environmental monitoring to optimize remote, automated or predictive pond management decisions. All of our hardware options come installation-ready and integrated with environmental sensors connected to industrial grade controllers. Our objective is to provide site-appropriate hardware solutions controlled by adaptive, customizable and predictive data driven remote management.  This combination provides water management solutions that are robust, simple to install and, rather than degrading, actually show improved performance over time.  Our general premise is that actively managed systems measurably outperform passive systems while delivering new and valuable capabilities that continuously improve.   ​

Hardware, for both above and below ground:

  - Inlet, outlet and center-levee valves

  - Knife gates

  - Sluice and penstock gates

  - Patented surface release rotary weirs

  - Large volume automated pump systems

  - Manhole compatible compact pump systems

  - Custom hardware development is a core skill for

    us. Autoflow specializes in designing, prototyping, 

    testing, producing and then fully warrantying and

    supporting robustly built products. Typical materials

    include powdercoated carbon steel, stainless,

    aluminum, UHMW, more.  

Control Software Designed to Project Requirements. Examples of capabilties include:

  - Water capture with variable, timed release

  - Measured and calculated flow rates

  - Net inflow modeling

  - Always on data capture with online accessibility

  - Fully independent resident controllers   

  - Code development begins with customer defined

    objectives and ends with a complete electronics

    package installed to the hardware of your choice. 

    Electrical schematics, logic diagrams, CAD

    drawings and support for creation of technical

    documents and submittals are standard deliverables. 

Sensors, Cameras, integrated Online Data

  - Local sensor options include water depth,

    temperature, salinity, turbidity, hydrocarbons, more. 

  - Integration of online data including flood and storm

    events, precipitation, river and creek elevations, more 

  - Equipment remote monitoring includes numerous

    performance parameters and maintenance push


  - All products come network and SCADA ready. 

Service and Support

  - 100% USA designed, built and supported

  - Ongoing maintenance and value-added data

    management options available

Integrated Solutions

Contact Us

For any questions regarding existing solutions or to brainstorm new solutions, please contact us to start the discussion!

Autoflow, LLC  -  P.O. Box 1550  -  Madison, MS  -  39110

601.842.6806  -  -

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