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Water Management
Like Never Before

We deliver adaptive and robust solution design for complex water management challenges. 



Versatile Software, Robust Hardware. 

Modular hardware and versatile software enable the SmartPond system to adapt to almost any stormwater environment to provide turnkey solutions to environmental and regulatory problems. 

SmartPond takes passive stormwater controls and gives them brains, allowing for either pre-programmed automated stormwater pond management that actively measures and releases stormwater to match your regulatory regime, or application-based real time remote control which allows water to be retained and released as needed. 

Through the use of our patented rotary weir and innovative pre-packaged valve, an entire watershed can be controlled automatically or at the push of a button. Routine inspections can be monitored remotely with the SmartPond onboard camera, giving owners and 3rd party operators instant feedback on the condition of the system. Automated processes also make users aware of upcoming system maintenance needs, sending alerts to users’ smartphones/e-mail with advance notice of battery, solar panel or other component maintenance needs within a predetermined time frame. SmartPond is the intelligent choice for your automated detention, retention or rainwater harvesting system.


SmartPond Options

The most versatile combination of hardware and software on the market

Wyoming Springs SmartPond weir 2.jpeg

Rotary Weir

SmartPond valve 2.jpeg

Surface Valve

SmartPond valve 3.jpeg

Underground Valve


A batch detention basin is an extended detention basin that is primarily used to remove particulate pollutants and to limit peak flows during a rain event. Batch detention basins have superior water quality performance over traditional sedimentation/sand filters and achieve a high removal efficiency of total suspended solids (TSS). This pre-programmed automated function allows SmartPond to simplify and improve stormwater management. ​


  • Certified 91% TSS removal

  • Outperforms traditional ponds at every measure while introducing new and valuable capabilities through an always-on internet connection

  • Real time data – water levels, gate position, temperature, photos, more

  • Real-time control and a live video feed

  • SmartPOND programming is extremely versatile and currently includes: Water quality optimization using surface release rotary weirs; Flood / detention reduction protocols using knife gates performing live release at or just below legal maximums;  Live monitoring of nutrients and other specific contaminants autonomously controlling valves and pumps to release according to customer requirements.

  • In many markets the greater efficiency created through active management allows for a reduction in pond size

  • Very robust and reliable equipment that has been field proven over time

  • Full 1-year parts & labor warranty with maintenance plans available thereafter

  • Installation is simple by design.  Flange up, turn on, walk away. 

  • American designed, built and managed using mostly American parts & materials.

3 weirs-EDITED.jpg

About Us

At Autoflow, we specialize in designing and manufacturing comprehensive hardware, software, and service solutions tailored to various sectors, with a primary focus on stormwater management. We take products from concept to commercialization. 

Our forte lies in crafting purpose-built, fully integrated solutions that defy convention and are tailor-made for the environment they're destined for. When we ventured into the realm of stormwater management, we encountered a landscape riddled with complexity and unreliability. Existing automated systems were convoluted, consisting of numerous scattered components, intricate schematics, and cumbersome installation manuals. Customers were left to scavenge for components off the shelf and cobble together systems on-site, often resulting in makeshift solutions that lacked finesse.

At Autoflow, we believe that making something functional is easy. Creating solutions that are sleek, effective, affordable, and intuitive – that’s hard, and that’s what we do best. Our products not only simplify the process but elevate it to an art form.

Join us at Autoflow, where innovation meets sensibility and efficiency. We're not just solving problems – we're rewriting the rules of water management.

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