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SmartPOND Valve

Detention & Drainage

The SmartPOND valve was designed with modularity and versatility in mind.  There are many hardware configurations available to allow this solution to be adapted to almost any stormwater environment.  With configurations suited for outfall, underground, or berm applications, this self-contained valve kit is as versatile as it gets.  The valve ships nearly fully assembled and configured, so installation is painless. The SmartPOND valve was also designed with the property owner’s budget in mind. It’s all-in-one design and specification makes engineering simple by providing a complete detail kit that requires no electrical or low voltage design, no complicated parts list, or complex drainage calculation.  For the contractor, SmartPOND is plug-and play.  Simply connect the SmartPOND perforated riser and trash cage to the inflow pipe. Then connect the valve to the outfall pipe. For the owner, data and maintenance alerts will allow you know the conditions on each site, and eliminate costly or unnecessary maintenance visits. 

The SmartPOND valve is backed by a one-year warranty and includes one year of monitoring. Extended warranties are available.

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  • Greater efficiency over sand filters

  • Real time maintenance alerts

  • Real time data water level, gate position, temperature & more

  • Tough and versatile design

  • Total Suspended Solid (TSS) removal = 91%

  • Meets Edward’s Aquifer Protection Plan Batch Detection Requirements

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