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Slide Gate

The newest hardware addition to the Autoflow lineup is also the simplest. This large capacity slide gate, or "penstock" gate, features a 36" wide by 16" tall maximum orifice size while maintaining the smallest possible overall size. The gate will fit most typical concrete manholes and may be used in surface or underground applications. The standard Autoflow control cabinet may be mounted directly above the gate, or deployed remotely. 

Restrictor plates may be fitted to the slide gate to adjust its orifice size as desired, and the overall design parameters may be adjusted as well. 

Among the primary applications for the slide gate hardware set is flowrate targeting or optimization. Using Autoflow's onboard software and flowrate computing capabilities, the gate can adjust its positioning to emulate any desired flowrate regime. Realtime hydrograph modeling, flow control, predictive release and much more are now on the list of Autoflow's water management solutions.

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