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Batch Detention

A batch detention basin is an extended detention basin that is primarily used to remove particulate pollutants. Batch detention basins have performance and cost advantages over traditional sedimentation/sand filtration systems and achieve a certified total suspended solids (TSS) removal rate of 91%.

Batch detention is a "catch & release" water quality practice that both allows for settlement of contaminants and stages water into downstream systems after adjacent static systems have already released.  It works like this:

The management device stands by in a default closed position.  Upon sensing a flood event a 12 hour timer begins for the initial hold period. After 12 hours the water is released over a period of time not to exceed 48 hours and the device then returns to its default closed position.  Simple! 


Autoflow's Batch detention devices add connectivity for real time monitoring, control and alerts and also a test function for simplicity of regulatory compliance. On-site live cameras are also a standard feature.  

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