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Our Story

Autoflow's story began with designing hardware and software controls for use in large scale automated agricultural systems. Our primary interest at the time was in improving downstream water quality while automatically capturing and storing all available surface water for use in growing crops.  When we emerged from this startup phase of technology innovation for agriculture, we quickly realized that many of the familiar water control challenges we were hearing in agriculture were happening elsewhere as well. In many ways - water management is water management. Regardless of industry or region, many of the water control challenges we were so familiar with from agriculture were not unique to agriculture at all. So we started learning about stormwater.


Eight years later, we have over 140 devices in the field, with a full range of hardware and software solutions. We are ambitious to continue innovating, and have a vision for the future of all water management based on multi-functional technology deployed at high density across entire watersheds in order to enable real, tangible impacts on major storm events. 


Our mission statement at Autoflow is “Promoting stewardship through Technology”.  We mean it. It is our honest belief that automation technology offers efficiency and efficacy in water quality or quantity management like never before in history. By applying the right tools in the right places, true, quantifiable environmental benefits may be accomplished. 


We believe that multi-functional technology deployed at scale is the future of water management. By providing high quality, economical and well supported automated solutions to our customers - one device at a time, the total capability of our entire fleet of devices grows as well. With over 140 devices in one intermediate metropolitan area alone, large scale watershed management is already becoming a reality. 

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