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Flood Mitigation

All of Autoflow's devices can be organized by primary and secondary function.  In some applications flood mitigation is a primary function. 


An example of flood control as a primary function is shown in the photo to the right, which is on a site in Leander, Texas adjacent to a sizable creek known to cause occasional flooding.  Before the development associated with this pond could be permitted they had to devise a way to avoid draining when the adjacent creek was at or above flood stage.  The Autoflow solution to this was to install remote sensors in the creek to monitor levels and to close the control structures whenever creek levels exceeded a pre-determined level.  

Flood mitigation as a secondary function typically initiates automatically based on predetermined environmental conditions.  In this case a device normally running, for example, a water quality function would switch to volume management after observing local flooding conditions or monitored online data sources such as NOAA Weather.  Email and text alerts are available to notify the operator, thus providing remote override.   ​

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